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Bal_97.jpg (55156 octets)N° 97 - 1955

EARTHLIGHT par Arthur C. Clarke, Couverture de Richard Powers
A Novel of Man's Quest for the Treasures of the Moon


Bal_102.jpg (63971 octets)N° 102 - 1955

BEYOND EDEN par David Duncan, Couverture de Richard Pöwers
A Science-Fiction Novel of Man's Ultimate Discovery; the Source
of Life Itself


bal_99.jpg (47021 octets)N° 99 - 1955

OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLD par William Tenn, couverture de Richard Powers

Bal_104.jpg (48972 octets)N° 104 - 1955

RE-BIRTH par John Wyndham, Couverture de Richard Powers
They Were the Mutants, the Hunted People...and the seed
of the Future

Bal_107.jpg (57167 octets)N° 107 - 1955

GLADIATOR-AT-LAW par Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth, Couverture de Richard Powers
A Future World Whose Savage Public Contests
Make Ancient Rome Look Feeble

Bal_109.jpg (50315 octets)N° 109 - 1955

FAR AND AWAY Recueil de nouvelles d'Anthony Boucher, Couverture de Richard Powers

Comprend les récits suivants :
The Anomaly of the Empty Man
The First - Balaam - They Bite
Snulbug - Elsewhen
Secret of the House - Sriberdigitbit
Star Bride
Review CopyThe Other Inauguration

Bal_113.jpg (41242 octets)N° 113 - 1955

ANOTHER KIND Recueil de nouvelles de Chad Oliver, Couverture de Richard Powers

Comprend les récits suivants :
The Mother of Necessity
Rite of Passage - Scientific Method
Night - Transformer
Artifact - A Star Above It

Bal_117.jpg (53102 octets)N° 117 - 1955

THE GIRLS FROM PLANET 5 par Richard Wilson, Couverture de Richard Powers
The Invaders of Earth Were Beautiful!...
A Different Science-Fiction Novel

Bal_119.jpg (49103 octets)N° 119 - 1955

CAVIAR recueil de nouvelles deTheodore Sturgeon, Couverture de Richard Powers

Comprend les récits suivants :
Bright Segment - Microcosmic God
Ghost of a Chance - Prodigy
Medusa - Blabbermouth
Shadow, Shadow on the Wall - Twink

N° 122 - 1955

NO BOUNDARIES par Henry Kuttner & Catherine L. Moore
Couverture de Richard Powers
emorable Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy

N° 123 - 1955

A TOWN IS DROWNING par Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth
Couverture de Emsh

Hurricane Dianne Brought Unforseen Cloubursts, and the Flood Plunged their lives Into Chaos

Bal_126.jpg (51454 octets)N° 126 - 1955

CITIZEN IN SPACE recueil de nouvelles de Robert Sheckley
Couverture de Richard Powers

Comprend les récits suivants :
The Mountain without a Name
The Accountant
Hunting Problem
A Thief in Time
The Luckiest Man in the World
Hands Off -Something for Nothing
A Ticket to Tranai - The Battle
Skulking Permit - Citizen in Space - Ask a Foolish Question

Bal_130.jpg (63948 octets)N° 130 - 1956

ALTERNATING CURRENTS receuil de nouvelles de Frederik Pohl, Couverture de Richard Powers

Comprend les récits suivants :
Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus
Let the Ants Try
The Mapmakers
Rafferty's Reasons
Target One - Grandy Devil
Tunnel Under the World - What to do Till the Analyst Comes


Bal_135.jpg (57198 octets)N° 135 - 1956

REACH FOR TOMORROW Recueil de nouvelles
d'Arthur C. Clarke, Couverture de Richard Powers

Comprend les récits suivants :
Rescue Party
A Walk in the Dark - The Forgotten Enemy
Technical Error - The Parasite - The Fires Within
The Awakening - Trouble with the Natives
The Curse - Time's Arrow - Jupiter Five - The Possessed

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